has anybody bought from


I like to do bad things.
has anybody bought from aquatictraders.com i was thinking about upgrading to m/h and found there prices to be unbelievable for a 36" 305w with 175w m/h 2 65w p/c and 3 leds its only 179.90 and i was woundering if its junk or just as good as the rest and if anybody has ordered if they have had any problems:bouncycig
I think you might meen aquatraders.com and if you do I would not buy anything from them ever!!! They are impossible to get hold of and the products don't work. And if something is broken they expect you to fix it.
sorry i did mean aquatraders.com i just got off work and was very tired man its a good thing i asked first they sound like a horrible place to buy from i had a felling the prices were too good to be true and thanks for letting me know