Green Star Polyp


Reefing newb
Any info about this coral is welcome! Im a bit hesitant to put it in my 37g.. Ive seen comments about it being another Kenya weed.. I just dont want it to over take my tank. Also are there ways to keep fragging this coral to keep it at bay? thanks
They aren't quite as pesky as kenya trees. And they grow on a purple mat that is relatively easy to peel off of rocks if you want to frag it or get rid of some. I wouldn't consider them a pest, and I think they make a nice addition to a mixed reef tank. :)
awesome! one of my reef club friends has offered to sell me this GSP for $15.00. Is that fair?


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I would say more like 5 bucks. But some prices vary with region I guess? Wait for more people to chip in.
What i did with mine is let it grown on a single rock and then placed it in.the sandaway from other rocks so it wont spreed where i dont want it
Emily where are you in Boston, pm me if you'd like. I have some GSP from my 55 that I'd give away to local enthusiast.