Great fish store find


I don't work for anybody
I just got back from a conference for work today and wanted to report on a SWEET find of a fish store for those of you in california, close to LA. I went on a drive out to Santa Monica to see the beach (and ate grat seafood as well, but that is a different story). On the way to there is an aquarium store in a small strip of stores on the south side of the street. It is on Santa Monica and has a pic of a Moorish Idol on the sign. I cannot remember the store name, just the location on the south side of Santa Monica Bl headed toward the beach. It is about 3/4 of the way to the beach.

The prices were AMAZING and the livestock looked great. There was a majestic angel for $47.00 and he had a mess of skunk cleaners for $21.00 His corals looked great. It was a little Asian dude and we chatted about fish for 30 minutes. Worth a look if anyone is interested out there.

don't worry, I am not upset at all, just rolled up in a ball, crying in the corner

as far as the wasn't all that bad. the first day was a bit overcast, but the rest was pretty good.

well I'm sorry to hear that your going through that. please feel free to PM me if you ever need any help with any of the feelings you are having that make you curl up like that. I'm happy to listen I can be your "doctor"
I am not interested in playing doctor with you. Thanks for the invite, tho. It made me feel good.