For formula 1 or 2 frozen food users.


I like to do bad things.
I just bought formula one frozen food, and when I thaw it, it is like a soft rubber cube and hard to feed. I was unable to break it in bit size pieces, so I then put it in a cup of water and smashed it then it was too small, and had leftovers in the tank. I then started a thread on the best way to feed it and someone gave me a great way to do it, with little work and best of all no leftovers in the tank. How you feed is, first, thaw it out. Second, run a piece of fishingline threw it and tie a knot on it. Finally, you hang it in the tank and let the fish eat it. One way I found to hang it is use that old bottle of horrable flake food and put the line in the cap. This method, so far, has worked great for me. I hope it can help someone else who uses this food.

Good luck, and let me know if it works for you.
I hadnt thought about either one of those.Guess i'll thaw a cube tomorrow evening and give it try.

Dont guess it would be a good idea to put it on a hook?
Or just buy better food! Thats way too much work to feed fish!

I have to agree way to much work.

If you like formula one and two buy it in the flat pack (they don't include the gel binder) its great to use the gel packed ones to feed your anemones and agressive kids..

A very good comparible food is Marine Cuisine and Emerald Entree by Sally's San Francisco..