first documented parameters.


Reefing newb
Ph 8.0 ammonia 0
Nitrite. 25
Nitrate 160ppm ?

I'd this normal. I'm 3 weeks into the cycle. should i wait until a month or do a water change now. Kind of a weird reading. Wanted input.
And while you are waiting for those nitrites to come down, you should work on figuring out the source of your nitrates. Those are some scary high nitrates, so high as to be even toxic to fish
+1 fish 160ppm nitrates after a cycle? Usually you don't get that high this fast. Check your new saltwater before putting it in; make sure it's got no nitrates. Are you using test strips or drops? Drops are better. Is it red? Also try getting another test kit. Maybe yours is bad (I had a brand new one that I had just opened that turned out to be bad...must've been on the shelf too long).
I have the liquid API test kit. And after five minutes and following the instructions it was bright red. So I'm going to take a sample to my lfs and see what their tests say