Eshopps PF-800 install Please help!!


newbie reefer
I received my overflow box yesterday and am pumped to get everything set up. However, I have been reading Eshopps mods to keep it quiet when transfering water to the sump. But I've noticed that Eshopps has added what looks to be an air tube glued to the PVC downpipe, along with two foam inserts. My question is where do the two foam inserts go? It seems as if they go into the pvc drain tube, but i would think it would restrict flow, or get logged somewhere. :shock: Also with the bulk head does the O-ring go on the outside of the box when installed?
I didn't use my foam inserts. The big foam is supposed to go over the pvc and the PVC is placed in the black bulkhead. It keeps objects from entering your plumbing but restricts flow a little.

I didn't use them. I wanted my algae scrubber to do all my filtering. To keep unwanted snails and fish from entering my plumbing, I drilled small holes the included PVC piece until I reached my desired flow rate.

For the bulkhead gasket, I wasn't sure either, so I bought another one, of same size, at a hardware store. Sealed both sides. No leaks.
Yeah I saw a couple people drill holes into the downtube. I emailed eshopps and with the in place glued acrylic tube they told me just to add a hose to it and adjust for the noise. I have a mag 7 pump with a few 90 elbows so I'd like all the flow I can get.
I just get an eshopps pf800 overflow, no instructions, my dilemma is in the downtube-the pvc has a small hose glued to it, does that go up or down????
That goes up. It's suppose to be for air to escape. I added some extra flexible tubing in that hole and lowered it up or down when water is flowing to stop the gurgling sounds.