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I had a problem with one of my Vortechs that was my fault (the dry motor side) and another problem with the wet side on the same unit that had a part that was rubbing (factory defect). I called and spoke to Stephen at EcoTech who was extremely nice and helpful. I explained what was going on and he immediately told me to send it in and he would take a look at it. I sent it off and received it back the other day. It was completely repaired/replaced for FREE!!! :bounce:
I came right out and told him wet side problem was my fault and i fully expected to have to pay for that but it was all done for free... gratis... zilch.
Can't beat that kind of customer service! :bounce:
Its always great to hear about companies that dont jerk you around. Thats great news. especially when you spend so much money on their product.
Ya totally. The motor (dry) side is $180+ to replace!
There's a lot of debate on whether Vortech's are worth the high cost.
Personally, when you include the fact that they come with an awesome wave driver, on top of the awesome flow they provide, I think they are worth it vs the competition. When you look at the whole package there is nothing else comparable. But then add in customer service like that, and it's a definite win!

p.s. - in my first post, second to last line, I meant to say "dry" side, not "wet" side.
It's good to hear Dennis. Thanks for taking the time to mention it too. I think we are always very quick to point out when someone does a crappy job. It's nice to hear the opposite this time! Glad you are back up and running!