Easiest (reefsafe and not) starfish to care for?


Newbie is a fair assmnt.
Hey guys! I would like a pretty starfish for my tank (not a brittle, they creep me out). However, I would like one that is fairly hardy.
My one tank has a lot of coral in it, and the other only has some crabs (including a giant one) and an evil damsel.

ideas? thnx
Most Fromia and Linckia stars are safe and very brightly colored. As always you should monitor them when you first add them to a tank just to make sure they are OK in your system.
Sand Sifting Sea Star (Astropecten polycanthus)
Why is that? Not being smart, I am genuinely curious.

The sand sifting star will quickly clean your sand bed until there is nothing left to eat then starve to death. They will spend all their time burrowed under the sand and you will never see them.