DIY sump (with some cheating)


Reefing newb
So yeah... like the thread says. I got absolutely pissed off at my current custom sump, which I did not build, and had a whack at my own. So, I bought a 20 gallon aquarium and proceeded to "git her done".

So, I took the basic idea from Melv's reefs. Only the three baffles though. The feed from the display tank is piped down to nearly the bottom of the main compartment (I am thinking about a 3 inch clearance. The main compartment will be filled with a dsb, live rock, maybe some snails, chaeto, and possible mangvoves. Imma fixing to but a cheap clip on 150 watt desk lamp and blast the sump with that when the lights to the dt are off.

After the baffles, will be the return pump back to the dt.

The main point, is no mechanical filtration, no bioballs, the baffles shoud stop the bubbles. My HOB skimmer will also hang on in the main compartment of the new sump.

So, outside of that... any ideas/suggestions?

Always welcome ;)


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If the sump is glass use glass baffles and if it is acrylic use acrylic baffles...acrylic actually expands very slightly when continuously immersed in water and can push a glass sump apart over time...

Consider one of the LED PAR 38 daylight bulbs from Lowes / Home Depot...the light is fantastic and will make your macros / mangroves think they are in the tropics!!!
Thanks for the recommendations.

Luckily, I did decide to hluse glass for the baffles as it is a glass aquarium. Good to hear I made the right choice without knowing exactly why. I just figured it best not to mix materials...

I think I saw those led's at lowes when I was having the glass cut. I was admiring how bright they were and then convinced myself that might be a bad idea for the sump. Looks like I will be heade back to purchase those.

I've got small but massive (to someone who is obsessive) algae issues in my dt. Little bit of bubble, cyano, and hair. Obviously the thought it to give it a better place to grow outside of the dt and the nutrient exporters can only help my cause.

I know the algae won't go 100% away from the dt, but it needs to get better...