Diving in the Tennessee River

Yesterday I had to dive in the Tennessee river under my boat to see if I had bent a shaft and prop from my expedition last week, they were bent.

It was the first time I dove in low vis. Holy Cow! I could not see more than a foot in front of me. The only way I could see my dive partner is if we shinned our flashlights towards each other at less than two feet.

It was scarey at first but as long as we took it slow it was alot of fun. We were down for 20 mins from 4ft to 8ft.

Pretty cool dive, no vis, no pictures.
Hey Chris,

I'm originally from Vancouver, B.C. and have been on a few dives, including under my 33' sailboat,that have not been as visible as one would like so I can see where your coming from. Regardless of the visibility though. I've always looked at each dive as a great experience which seems to be your outlook as well.

I now live in Maryland and really miss Diving. Most the diving here consists of quarry dives and I understand some wreck dives off the eastern shore coast which I really need to look into.

Do you get a chance to dive south much?

Ive only had about a dozen or so dives and most were on vacation in mexico or bahamas where its like 100ft vis. although I was certified here in wisconsin in a local lake with about 20ft vis which is quite different, cant imagine 1-2 foot vis. sounds fun though
We get certified on quarry dives here in Chattanooga. We have the TN river but the muck is so great you litteraly cant see more than a foot in front of you. When I dove under my boat it initially scared the living crap out of me until I got used to being blind underwater. It was a fun experience. I wish I had more time to dive, I will make more time this next year for sure.
I know this is a little late but it was brought up ata lunch today. Every year a group does a dive to clean some of the river up. Not sure what section though.

Also I work right next to the river under Veterans bridge and some mornings it just stinks like :pooh:
Isnt it a little cold for a dive? Never mind this is a old thread. Sorry.
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