Diet of the Coral Banded Shrimp


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The LFS person said they will eat just about anything. When I put too much brine shrimp in my tank, he will grab a piece floating past. He also seems to be eating pods. Comments? Suggestions?
they will eat other shrimps and crabs, so keeping cleaner shrimp could be hard later on. mine killed 80 dollars in cleaner shrimps before i finally caught it and sent it back to pet store.
I target feed mine small pieces of salad shrimp. He leaves everyone alone, although can be a little bit of a pain from time to time
Good luck with him. Target feeding will be really important. I would try a few different types of food. Hopefully it will not kill anything else.
I had a CBS that decided it liked coral flesh better than any of the frozen stuff I was giving him.Ate zoas,yellow polyp anemones,mushrooms.
All of the above, ESPECIALLY if you rescue him/her from a tank that was never fed for about six months.

They get starving kitten syndrome...we have one in a ten gallon that is VERY well fed by us, but he STILL goes after the one poor chromis we have with him, snails, occasionally a small group of button polyps, etc.

We set the tank up from stuff we just had laying around especially for him/her, so it's not that big of a deal. But I would think twice before sticking one in a well thought-out reef tank.
Strange,I had one for over five years,kept with a skunk cleaner and fire without a problem.It never bothered the corals,either.It ate whatever meaty foods that hit the bottom-mysis,prime reef,krill etc.
When the fish come near him he'll reach out with his claw but the clown and dottyback don't take crap from the CBS. The Dottyback has pecked at him a couple times.

With a lot of these situations I think size does matter! You think a small emerald crab or small CBS is really going to grab a 6 to 8 inch blue tang? :sfish:
Maybe not grab and totally take out, but all it takes is one cut from a shrimp's claw to cause an infection and/or enough stress to kill the fish.