Dead Dragon Goby


Reefing newb
I have no idea what happened? He looked great and healthy last week, today he was skinny and pale on his back. All other fish look great. Oh well, I guess that's one more addition to my new 75 gallon set up. :frustrat: :death:
Was anyone else picking on him? What other fish do you have in there with him? Has anything changed in your tank? And finally what are your water parameters?
I have a maroon clownfish and a starry blenny. They never harassed him. Nothing has changed. My water parameters are fine. I have recently had an outbreak of apistasia and majano, that is all that has changed.
That is the weirdest thing I've ever heard. No offense but death is always caused by something.
I know that. I'm just saying it may be some sort of internal problem caused by old age, and it isn't necessarily something that the OP could control.