Christmas Wrasse


Reefing newb
Anyone have experience with Christmas (ornate) wrasses? I just picked one up and like it but it hides about half the time. I know they do this when it's time to sleep or get scared but I'm hoping he comes out a lot more when he gets used to the tank. If you have or have had one, did it take a while for it to come out more often or will this become a long ongoing thing? Hope it isn't cause I'd like to see it out a lot more.
I've seen em take over a tank and I've seen em hide under the sand for days on end.A lot of it depends on each individual fish and it's mind set.
But it should eventually settle in and be front and center.Just give it some time.
I just bought one a few weeks ago, he dove in the sand the first day. Next morning has been out and about loving it! :)

Have no issues with him in my reef...

Edit: It is a She >_<!
I have read that they won't bother corals so that's all I'm concerned about. As long as I don't see it doing anything like that, it will be a welcome addition to the tank, if he would only come out and enjoy it a bit more!
Yea the wrasse will be fine in a reef. All of the wrasses in the Halichoeres family I can think of are safe with everything except ornamental shrimp and feather dusters. They can even be beneficial by removing pests from corals.
+1 you never wanna go messing around in the tank looking for stressed fish, it'll only make things worse. Especially with wrasses that bury themselves because you'll end up kicking all kinds of crap up from the sandbed. Wrasses that do bury themselves can stay hidden for 2+ weeks when stressed before coming back out again.
Four more days later and still no sign of it. I got a feeling he isn't in there anymore. Hope he's still hiding or it's $50 down the drain. Maybe the brittle starfish got it. He is gone tomorrow.