Carib Sea Life Rock - worth the hype?


Reefing newb
I went by my LFS to check out some live rock for my new 29g, and the owner told me about this stuff called "Life Rock" made by Carib Sea. He's selling it for $6.99 from his tank or $4.99 from a box. Do you guys think $6.99 is a reasonable price for the Life Rock and is Life Rock worth it? He has other live rock for sale which is just plain Jaharti for $3.99 a pound.

It depends on your setup really. If you want a lot of really interesting shapes and lots of nooks and caves and not just blocks of boulders it may be for you. I personally would get a bit of the cheaper live rock for the sump and get some dry rock for the display and make some interesting shapes from that. Dry rock is easier to work with and will cause no "die off" in the tank and will eventually accumulate the necessary bacteria to become live rock.
I just ordered from TBS.. Should be sick - great reviews. Good luck. What did you decide to go with? I just noticed how old this post