Canopy Build For my 125 gl Reef


Go Big Or Go Home !
Ok Guys Finally decided to start building my Canopy. Here what i got done today. Will be finishing the rest next weeken hopefully.

Had the guys At home depot do all my cuts. Some are a little crocket but i will manage

Heres the start.

Top on along with back brace.

Front Door. Full lenght

Top on with front and rear brace

Door mounted Hanging down on this pic. Also front Braket i made for my LEDs to hang on. Was done with the rear also unti i noticed it would block the plus and on/off switch so i know need a new idea for the rear bracket.

Ok done for the weekend Time to relax a bit. Picture in my garage untill next weekend.

Hopefully i can get the rear bracket for the lights to mount done soon. And next weekend im planing on Getting some kind of molding to put around it so it looks nice and not just like a box. Then hopefully painting it also along with water proofing the inside.

One question do this thing is a bit heavy Should it be ok Sitting on the top of my tank ??? Its baseckly a full plywood sheet of Red Wood 3/4 thick and then will have my leds hanging inside. So its will be a bit heavy.
Looking good! Your tank should support the canopy with no problem with the weight evenly distributed on both sides which from your pics it looks like you did that fine.
Yeah it will be supported on both sides. I wish i could already but man i ha e had the worst week ever and im supper tired. I need some relax time lol. Im just relaxing now drinking my self a couple beers to wine down. I know ones i get the molding on it it will look so much better
You can also add a strip that will rest on the front of your tank to make the weight even more distributed. That is the way mine is built so you have three sides meshed. I hear you about the R&R as I am sipping on some crown watching UFC beat downs:Cheers:
Well decided to do something simple today and sprey Some water seal On the inside portino to protect it. Used thompsons water seal. Done yey.

Also came up with an idea of just using hooks and chains to hold the back part of the lights, figured it will work best also couse it will make cleaning alot easyer if i just unclip the front and hang them a bit as i clean the dust off from the top.
Ok Not that meny people are following but yeah lol, Got some work done this weekend, Was planning on finishing it up but my Mother came over for the weekend so that did not happen.

So i got the molding mounted and plastered the seems and skrew holes. also plastered and sanded some of the molding to make it look seemless when painted. i know moldings are difrent colors but it would matter when painted since it will be black.

Here the pics.

Its looking great! I built a canopy very similar a few months ago for my wife's uncle to accommodate his LED's as well.


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O wow yeah very similar. I like the hinges you used. If it wasent for a bit of a croket cut on mine i could have used the same hinges. But homedwpot guy made it slightly off. Nobig deal. Hopefully ill be painting it soon.
Well got it Painted Today 2 coats and looking good, Just have to give obe coat to the back and bottom and im done with paint. Then i just need to mount my lights and Im good to go. Hopefully will finish this in the next couple days.

Well i finished the canapy, And installed the lights here it is complete. These are cheap quic pics with my phone, Looks real purple since the Actinics are only on.

Ill snap some better pics with my Cam later and show how the lights mounted also.

I know just need to build the lip on the top of the stand where the tank sits to cover the molding around the bottom of the tank and im done yey !!! lol
Ok here the New Pics with my Cam !!!

Now the Bottom really bother me lol Its the only brown you see left lol, Cant wait to build that lip up and Make it not show. Hopefully soon
Yeah mine was a couple inches to wide i had to cut it down a bit . But other than that i got it the lenght i needed and there it is lol.