bwaller76 seahorse 35g hex

Im a little bit confused here, tank raised is a bad thing, captive breed is a good thing. So they are captive breed?

And kbuser92, they would do fine with a CUC and mandarin, but the clowns might bother them. Depends on the individuals. But before you get going, a standard 10 gal or a 20 gal is a poor choice of home for these guys. They need tall tanks.
in Blaine's dictionary tank raised means captive bred or to put it another way domestic bred... if I ever say wild caught vs tank raised the are antonymous
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Oh, I know. My girlfriend wants some and I was thinking a 29 tall would work out. I want to start a frag tank, but not until I have enough to frag so its a ways down the road.
I think you might be the exception to that rule, Amber.

I have 4 seahorses from 2 different breeders and they are perfectly fine with all the other fish. I put the mysis in the water flow and they swim around and catch it, just like the fish.

Seahorses are not as delicate and slow as everyone says. I started out with the nasty feeding tube and dish and it was gross and made my water quality decline. I quit using that tube and dish, started feeding in the water directly and my issues went away.

When I bought my second pair I talked to the lady at seahorse source and she recommended feeding in the water flow and said that is how they feed all theirs in their store also.