bwaller76 seahorse 35g hex


Love my tanks!
Ok gonna start the build thread for our 35g hex seahorse tank. I've had it up for a little over two months now taking it nice and slow making sure that I get it all right and the tank is in perfect shape. I still need better lights and decent powerheads. We are also in the brainstorming for better hitching ideas that will make the tank look good. Still going to be a little while before we are ready but that is all part of the fun... waiting lol.


I have done a lot of reading and talking to the local professionals to gain the knowledge. My wife is also reading a bunch of material so I think we have a good understanding otherwise I wouldn't even try. I'm the kind of person that has to have all the information before I go for it.
I would still take the seahorse lessons, because if something goes wrong and you need help, Pete will answer your questions and try and give you the best advice possible.
Welcome to the site and best of luck with your seahorses! Ocean riders has an extremely informative lesson pack so that you are prepared for anything!

I have 2 from ocean riders and 2 from seahorse source both are great.
I have the AI Sol LED lights. They are expensive but they would probably work awesome for this tank since they are square and not a strip. I have had great success with them!

hmmm good to know! I have always wanted to do sea horses but know nothing about them. Maybe when my wife and I move we can start a seahorse tank! Thank LF for being the voice of these awesome creatures on this forum!
ok so got the lights and they sent me the wrong ones... not complaining because instead of the two bulb I got the four bulb with moonlights as well! Also got our horses!!! they are so dang cute. We got Kelloggi tank raised babies in very good health and very happy!

first pic let me explain that I hate fake stuff in my tanks but I decided to put in a fake plant until my macro algae has time to propogate.






they are eating frozen food quite well and they are really interactive and playful!
Looks good! I would add in some more of the fake plants. The seahorses like to be able to snuggle up to the stuff.

Also where did you get those guys?
I have lots of macroalgae in there... the both have their favorite places to hitch. I got them from one of my good friends who runs a fish store out of his garage since 1999. paid 25 each for them. they are so interactive and cute!
You should make sure that those are actually captive breed seahorses, not tank raised seahorse. The tank raised ones are wild caught babies who are just reared in nets out in the ocean. Those seahorses can have lots of issues with parasites and not adjusting to tank life.
I know they are... the reason we went kelloggi is that those are the breed that he can guarantee are tank raised. Kim is in essence one of the forefathers of the hobby in the treasure valley here and I trust him otherwise I wouldn't have bought them. my main concern was that the horses were tank raised!