Bulk Reef Supply group buy?

Okay, we are good to go. It will start tomorrow. Please wait until you get the email from BRS to order your supplies. Everyone should get an email tomorrow by 5pm Central time. If you do not receive it by the end of the night, let me know right away so I can get it fixed.
yup, you did. Once I have your info it is a given that you are included, whether you buy anything or not.
Okay, you guys should all have your emails by now. Group buy is open until next Monday.
Somehow, they did not get the second page of the list. Alex, you are on it and will get your email shortly. Also, andersoned14, and lilmatty5dimes, you guys too were on that second page and are being added as I type this.

Sorry guys, no idea why they didn't get the second page, shows 2 pages in my sent files.
Finally things are shaping up around here. BRS is sending me my RO/DI unit today. I picked up a 55 gallon food grade drum from a friend on Saturday, and have won salt in my last 2 reef club meeting raffles (along with some other pretty cool stuff that I have no use for).
Where can I find these food grade containers for storing water?
I should be getting my BRS shipment today as well!! YAY! Thanks fast! :)
If you don'y mind an open type top. Brute Garbage cans *yes they have lids). They are about $35.
Start looking in the farming areas. Here in the Central Valley, we have a ton of farms, and they ship anything and everything in food barrels.
I'm not sure where Jackson county is, but that looks like the kind of barrels I see around here all the time. They use them for horse racing. I'm going to check my local feed supply stores. Thanks! One good thing about living near farms! :D
I've seen them at walmart and Army Navy Stores, but they cost like $45, but they are new.