Bulk Reef Supply group buy?


reef junkie
Found some older threads about this but nothing recent, so I thought I'd ask.... Anybody up for a group buy at BRS? I need a bunch of stuff for both of these tanks and was hoping to get some others interested in getting this discount going :)
I could use some bio-pellets if enough people are interested. I think, Fastrd400 needs to be the one handling the bulk order since he is already registered with Bulk Reef Supply as the "leader" I could be wrong though..
Anyone can be the leader. Its just fast has all the contact info. You just need to fill out the form on BRS. I'll be in so if you run it, I will send my info, if fast runs it, he's got my info.
I sent him a message. He said he will get back with me tomorrow. Busy at work ;) Just gives me more time to do a little research tonight
WTH? Where were all you guys a month ago when we had this. Typically I run them every other month, I can submit another one if you guys want, it sounds like there are at least 5 people that need something. If you are not already on the list, please PM me your name, and the email you signed up with at BRS. Once I have that info you will always be included in group buys whether you need anything or not.
Sent that info to you, fast. Thank you very much! So I will receive an email when it starts and it lasts for a week. Is that correct?
Also, I didn't have my tax refund last month. ;)
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Angie, got your info. Normally the buy starts on a Tuesday, and lasts for a week. Most things are discounted, however, some things are not due to the fact that they are either already priced lower than anyone else, or because the manufacturer has a strict limit on what the item must be sold at, i.e. the Reef Keepers are never ever discounted.

Rob, replied to yours as well. Follow the link I sent you, sign up and you are good to go.
Okay, so I have Angie and Rob added to the list. If you have not participated in a GB with LR in the past, and want to be added please PM me your name, and the email address you used when you signed up with BRS. I can have this going starting this Tuesday.