Bulk Reef Supply Group Buy - Any Interest?

I already sent that form in a week or so ago, PM me your Last name and the email address of you used to sign up for BRS, I will email them and see if you could be added onto ours.

If not, I think you will need to get 10 people to do another group buy.
so after camping for the last 5 days, i return with bad news im gonna have to back down, my clutch went out in lake havasu and i live in tucson so i cant spend the cash right now very sorry
Sorry to hear buddy.

We should be getting our email sometime today. If we dont get it by around 2 central time, I will email Jon.
Just got the email for the group buy!!!!!

All you have to do is follow the directions in the email and order before the 24th!!!!

Not sure if anyone else got this other email from them, but I got a code for a 5 bucks off if I buy within 24 hours... Too bad I need to wait :(
Got my email and have already started filling my cart lol we will see what survives the final cut before I send in the order next week. So far I have:
Delux fragging kit
10 lbs reef saver dry rock
Reef Octopus HOB Protein Skimmer ( for the 29)
CIPR in tank refugium ( for the 29)
I went for some lights and some calibration fluid for my refractometer

I would have gotten more if I was working and had some more cash saved up.:(
Dang Karen...I'm just going for a refractometer and maybe the reef testing kit.

Even with all that the total so far is only 203.00 and that's before the extra savings :)
This is how I justify it to myself " 200.00= 4 small dogs x 50" lmao!!!!