Bulk Reef Supply Group Buy - Any Interest?

I got my email....I'd like to thank Brian for setting this up...Couldn't have happened at a better time for me...I'm ordering like a mad-man...I think BRS is one of my favorite places for stuff.
One of the best thing is that we are all now "prefered" customers. SO anytime we order, we will get a discount price... not as good as the group buy price, but better than retail price:bounce::bounce:
Just got the email for the group buy!!!!!

All you have to do is follow the directions in the email and order before the 24th!!!!

Not sure if anyone else got this other email from them, but I got a code for a 5 bucks off if I buy within 24 hours... Too bad I need to wait :(

I definitely didn't get the $5 off e-mail, I'll be placing my order tonight though.