Blue Zoanthids

Since I can't get the pinks, I would take a frag of the rainbow and bright yellow zoos. Let me know how much and how big. If you're coming down on the 18th I could get them there. I could also pick them up at Michaels' Aquatic Den. Just let me know.
I should have everything with me tomorrow.

Long-skirted ones are all sold (didn't think there would be that much interest). Once they grow in, I'll let you know.

The yellows may be a little of my larger colonies is on a rock I can't remove without breaking the tank down (not something I'm looking to do right now!), but I have another colony and should be able to get enough from that one...
Okay, things look better than I thought. Here's what I came up with. Please let me know if you'd like to change anything in the next hour or so, as I'll be leaving around 1-1:30.

bkv1997: black/blue clam, rainbow frag

Sailfin: yellow frag (please let me know about the rainbow frag ASAP)

Sabotaged: yellow frag, fire/ice frag

Ironman: fire/ice frag, long-skirted

I have enough to fill everything you guys wanted, so no issues here. I'll also be brining some stuff to donate for a raffle or something...
hey fred, Are you going to be able to bring the filter bags? Also do you have any clams or acroporas? If so what kind and how much?
Can I plead the fifth for the time being? I haven't worked on it in way too long...most of the stuff I have isn't up there, and most of the stuff up there I don't have. I may be placing an order shortly in the next few days though...