Reefing newb
My tank has sprung a big ass leak, bout a gallon an hour, and I havent the time,money,space, or phsical ability to setup anything to house my animals, I need to evac the tank NOW, money would be great, but homes are priority, I've got a potters angel, arc eye hawk,perc,flash back psudochromis, 2 cleaners, a bunck of assorted polyps and lps, an ass load of liverock, the leak cant really be contained, and I'm having ANOTHER spinal surgery on friday, so its getting torn down,the tank hasnt been in the best of shape, lotta algea growth and not as many water changes as I'd like to do, but alls healthy and should aclimate well....time is important, like NOW.....last resort I'm going to make jons at BTs day. I'm in north chatt, (red bank just before the fraizer tunnels) 653-0339, tanks been established for years, nothing added since around christmas. Thanks guys
Hey Matt it was nice meeting you bro. Hey listen guys I have some stuff to get rid of for Matt so let me know what you need. Off the top of my head there is:

Live rock $2 lb Very
Arc Eye Hawk Fish $10
Perc. Clown $10

Xenia $10
Fox Coral $10
Star Polyps $5
Kenya Tree Nice rock peice $10
Few other peices

Giant Turbo Snails $1
There is also some zoanthid pieces $10 each and $5 shrooms.

Probably more I'll let you know as the dust settles.
How much live rock and would you be able to ship it? I might also take the xenia and the fox coral if you can. I need to find out if I have enough light for them.
just saw this post today, sorry to hear about your troubles iceman - way to go Dave on helping him out. Let us know if we can help you get up and running again. prayers will be with you on the upcoming sugery - hope all turns out well.
There is enough for a nano for sure!

I will have to weigh it.

Matt said it was around 100lbs, but honestly I think its more around 50-60. Nice pieces of rock and very porous.

Let me know if you want some.

Matt can you PM me a paypal addy or whatever you want to do.
wow matt sorry to hear about the tank man. Hope your surgery goes well, I know youve had it rough for along time. we really need to get a tank back up and running again. youll need something to watch since you wont be on your feet for awhile. we will be in touch man.
hey matt be careful about reffering to FW tanks on this forrum, I may have to remove your posts! :mrgreen: we ban freshwater hobbiests.:mrgreen:
FW is cheap to setup, low upkeep, and a hell of a lot easier than lugging that 3/4" thick glass monstrosity down the narrow rickety ass stairs I have to deal with, just ask REV. Besides, I should have a smaller scale reef up before too long, you dont have a smallish cube setup among your massive collection of abandoned equipment do you? I'm going to stay small scale from here out untill I move to a place that will allow me to set it up right, auto top off,cacium reactor, large sump etc. I goot a jet, hopefully I'll be posting agaimn sometime tonight or tomorrow, thanks again Rev and and everyone else, (except Bryan:pooh: :twocents: :pooh: )
LOL! Do you want me to save some of the LR for you? I can keep it for you in the trash can and just cook it till you are ready?

Also your right bout the stairs. They were metal, but lugging that heavy stuff down was a special treat!

Anyway guys my number is 4232901315

Yote no shrimp, but 10 or so BIG turbo snails. BIIIIG!

Also everything on the list is available.