Becoming Self Aware


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On April 19, 2011, Skynet went online and began learning at an exponential rate. It is currently infiltrating all machines and electronic devices. Tomorrow, April 21st 2011 Skynet will become self aware. It will come to the conclusion that Humanity is the enemy, and the enemy must be terminated. A full on nuclear apocalypse is eminent...spend you're final hours as you may. This transmission will likely be intercepted, Skynet is watching...Skynet is listening...Skynet is everywhere. If you are reading this YOU are the resistance. Stay alive. I'll see you on the other side

Reported by James Cameron.

[ame=]YouTube - Terminator The end of the world[/ame]
Hahahaha. I was totally going to post this.

I am so ready. Bring it on!
Next you're going to say that aliens are bringing the Myans back in Dec. 2012....
Skynet...Terminated and James Cameron didn't give it away? For shame sirs...for shame.
No, in one of the movies April 21st 2011(tomorrow) is the day that Skynet "becomes self aware" and decides to anihilate the human population.
Which movie? The one with that hot guy in it? We own all of them. But I never paid much attention to the stories!! :lol:
Actually I think it was in the Sarah Connor Chronicles show on TV...which is a spin off after the second movie.
Oh okay. I was talking about this guy.

According to Terminator 2(just watched it today) Judgment Day was August 29 1997.

The Sarah Connor Chronicals does state that April 21st 2011 is Judgment Day. Not Sure if Terminator 3 has that same date. As the end of that movie is when the machines attack.