Aqua C RX-1 Calcium Reactor


Ol' Salty
I thought I would write a review for this reactor, as there aren't many out there. The product I am reviewing is the Aqua C RX-1 Calcium Reactor. The reactor costs approximately $600, and features an Eheim 1250 pump, which is plumbed with high quality schedule 80 fittings and pipe all around. The reactor comes with an effluent, an affluent, a CO2 tube, a check valve, and a cap. It also features a removable fitting for a pH probe. I am using their media for my reactor. The media is small chunks of high quality Calcium Carbonate, and it comes in a nice jar. The reactor itself is made of very heavy and high quality plastic, it is impossible to lift with one hand, and very heavy with two. I ordered two jars of extra media. I also ordered a high quality regulator and solenoid. The reactor comes with a bubble counter built in, which is much more reliable than a solenoid/bubble counter combo. The reactor also does not need a feed pump, as the included Eheim is powerful enough to pump the water and feed the reactor at the same time. The reactor is extremely simple to use. Just fill it with media 3/4 of the way, add water, seal it, and turn it on. Then just connect the check valve inline to the CO2 intake, and you're done. I have the solenoid attached to my RKL, so if the power fails, this is one of the pieces of equipment that will shut off, to keep my aquarium safe from deadly pH swings (from a rush of CO2). I have found no adversity with using the reactor, everything about it is state of the art. The only downfall for some is the price, with $600 for the reactor, plus another $100 or so for a quality CO2 tank, and another $200 for a quality regulator and solenoid. After the initial expenses though, it is effortless and cheap to run, compared to buying liquid calcium supplements. The regulator is also extremely accurate, dosing 3 drops of calcium infused water every second. Overall I would recommend this reactor for any serious aquarist, it is a fine piece of equipment, and I hope to get years of use out of it.