Anyone Else Working With A Hex Tank?


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Just Wondering If There Were Any Othe Hex Tank On The Site. I Would Love To See Any Photos If There Are?????

i have a 35 hex w/ two seahorses

last year when I had cool corals in it..

seahorse babies in july 06



still have this aquarium but w/ different seahorses, and just mushrooms (I downgraded the lighting and took corals out)
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thanks! I tried my hand at babies, few survived a few days. all ended up dieing. I eventually got some pipefish, they ate the other broods.
so, to answer your question, they are not hard to breed as long as you have a m\f, but to raise is very hard.

this hex was difficult w/ corals b/c I had to have the hang on type light. I didn't like that look, so when I downgraded the corals, I used the light fixture that came w/ it and it looks natural now not w/ a big ole light hanging on top. vaporation is all but nil, I just do water changes whenever I feel like it. pretty low maintenance now. I have 4 aquariums, so I like low maintenance
Charedtuna, Wow, Thank You For The Post!!!! I Was Starting To Think I Might Be The Only One With A 35 Hex. I Like The Look Of It, What Type Of Filter Are You Using, I Think I Only See A Powerhead In The Tank...... Thanks Again
Looks awesome.

sounds like you and my wife are in the same boat, Yall want seahorses,and me and jerm keep saying
Wouldn't the flow in an sps dominated tank be too much for the horses?Thats my main reason for not have a couple.
seahorses need a dedicated tank just to themselves. the pics I showed had all my corals that needed bright light, hence my MH I had hanging up. seahorses HATE hot water, so after a couple of months I moved all those corals and left just the rock and colt coral. that was maybe in oct 06 or something like that. it's now june 07 and they are thriving in the one fixture that came w/ the tank (just a reg. fluorescent 40w? bulb). very low light, but the colt coral is doing well w/ that low light so I'm not complaining.

actually yote, having a seahorse tank is a HECK of a lot cheaper than my coral tank I have going. so give in and let your wife have one.....

my 35g hex...
2 erectus seahorses from draco marine (maybe $60/each)
live rock I got from my 80g
sand I got from my 80g
colt coral from lfs (maybe $40)
overhang filter from petco (paid way too much at $100)
codium algae from floridapets $15
crabs for cleanup duties
35g tank w/ hood/light at lfs for $200

not too bad yote and jerm.

monthly expenses include the salt for the waterchanges and frozen mysis. what a steal!!!
Im probably going to set my 30 up for a couple of the ponies.That way the wife cant fuss about me spending money on my tank to much,lol.

Thanks for the info Charged
Gotta fit a couple of pipe fish in there for my son
Have yet to figure out how I get myself into these messes.
pipefish are good tankmates, just make sure they eat frozen stuff. if you want to breed seahorses though, you can't have pipes as they will eat the babies. my pipes ate 2 broods