Any one have any good recipes?

oh, i forgot to suggest shepards pie!!!

mine i make browned hamburger meat, frozen veggie mix, home made mashed taters, and cheeeeeeese...
hope I helped you guys out too.

Also, you can make pork sandwiches just like the beef sandwiches. Just substitute BBQ sauce for the garedinare

hey bj you can also take pork chops (or chicken ) place them in a pan add a large can of cream of chiken soup and a can oof cream of mushroom and cook it on 350 for about 3 hours or all day in a crock pot on low and the make mashed potatoes or rice cuz the soup makes a gravy and thats awesome too
Brian what have you done to our forum? You got a bunch of guys talking about cooking and recipes! Sounds a bit, well not normal. :mrgreen: :lol:
let me just say this...

real men can wear pink and still be a proud man, cause he's secure enough in who he is, and dosent wory about what others think..

this is the same thing... we're all animal husbendry-ists on here.. and i'm proud to say that i am too....

see what i mean?
david real men need to know how to cook too these days especially if they dont have a woman that loves to cook or cant cook old school style:shock: but just knows how to do packages and microwave food:grumble:

- Soak cedar plank in water for one hour
- Cut salmon filets into 3" wide pieces and season with S&P
- Fire up the grill

Mix: 4oz of dijon mustard, 3tbls of fresh dill, 1 clove garlic, 2tbls butter
-put mixture into the microwave and heat until the butter has melted

Put the salmon on the cedar plank and place directly on the grill. Baste the mustard mixture on the salmon as it cooks.

IMO, this is the best way to eat salmon. The cedar gives it an amazing flavor. You can also soak the cedar in other liquids such as apple juice.

Serve the salmon with asparagus quickly marinated in olive oil, garlic, S&P, and fresh lemon juice. Cook them on the grill.
that salmon sounds awesome!
Salmon is one of my favorite sea foods. I loke it almost any way it is prepared. One of the best wayswas at a japanese resturaunt where they cook it right infront of you. Salmon teriaky. It was excelent.

And dcan, not everyone can live off of McDonalds and Burger King like you:mrgreen:
NY Style Pizza recipe

This is the recipe that I use, when made properly it can be windowpaned so thin that you can read a newspaper through it. The key to good dough isnt the indredients its the preparation of them. A mixer of some sort is needed for this recipe with a dough hook.

1 1/2 cup warm water
4 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil(EVOO)
2 1/2 TSP sugar
2 1/2 TSP salt
1/2 TSP yeast

Mix the yeast, sugar and the water and let set for 5-10 minutes.

Add the water mix, salt, EVOO and 1/2 of the flour to the mixer bowl and place on the lowest setting for 5 minutes.


Mix again for 10 minutes on the lowest setting.

While mixing on low spoon in the remaining flour until you can run your finger across the dough, leave a mark but the dough doesnt stick to your finger.

Mix again on low for 5 minutes
5 more minutes on the next mixer speed.

I know this sounds tedious but it really isnt, and the mixing and resting allows glutens to form in the dough which will let it stretch paper thin.

OBTW with a crust this thin you will need to bake the pizza at 450-475 to keep the dough from getting wet/mushy.
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Pizza Sauce Recipe

Ill put out the pizza Sauce recipe that I use too, I dont remember where it came from but its GOOOD!

2 TBSP Butter
1 Large white onion
1 TSP minced garlic
2 8oz cans of tomato sauce
2 6oz cans of tomato paste
4 TSP shredded parmasean
2 TSP basil
2 TSP oregano
1 TSP sugar
1 TSP salt
1/2 TSP pepper
2 TSP fennel seed ground(I run mine through a pepper mill)
1 bay leaf

If the sauce is too thick at the end add a little water to thin it out. Make sure to remove the bay leaf before using as they arent edible.
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Deffinantly going to try the sauce. But you cant get a Chicago boy to even think about making a NY style pizza:mrgreen: Crust is not supposed to be paper thin it is supposed to be thick so it can hold all the good toppings:mrgreen: