any intrest in a group buy

Me too. So can't wait to get my reactor. Next payday, I'm buyin the tunze ato system... No group buy discount for that, unfortunately :(
I'm kind of with OmegaOmega on this one...a lot of the things I wanted were either out of stock or more expensive at discount than I could find elsewhere.

Nonetheless, I ordered some Fiji Rock and that JBJ magnetic Heater thing as I amount to replace my heater's suction cups for the third time :frustrat:
Got mine yesterday too, still have yet to open it...haven't had time :frustrat:
Well I went to order the other day and my email address wasn't registered. Now I have ordered several times from them so I didn't get it. I had to reregister and thus couldn't order with the discount.
Meh. I didn't find anything worth buying.
I don't need any more gfo or carbon for a while so it wasn't worth the small savings to buy now. Other stuff I would have bought didn't have the discount.