any intrest in a group buy

yeah i want in on it, but the $$ and timing are the issues. I may have to pass if I hold the buy up.
Is this still going to happen? I could use some test kits.
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i want this to happen but we just dont have enough people to make it happen
I think at last count there were only 7.

Maybe James, you can start a new thread asking who is interested, and when they will be able to participate? I think that the 7 we had were ready anytime, but the others had issues with timing.
I should have some $$ in a week or two... but I can't commit to anything until I have the $ in my hand.... dammm car that is taking forever to sell....
ok pm me your last name and email address you use to login to BRS. so i can add you to the list
ok we now have 8 just 2 more and i can send it in. i will call my father-in-law to see if wants to get in on this so maybe 9
I'm in the same boat as Donna.
I want in,but cant commit until I have the extra cash.
Sorry I can't. A) I'm broke as a joke after buying all those windows and doors, and B) I really don't need anything at the moment.
Sorry guys I can't play this time, gots no money and have a suffering tank.
I do have some stuff to buy, but am I restricted as to what to purchase in a group buy? What's the discount, for instance, on an RO/DI unit if out of the ten in our group, I'm the only one purchasing it?
they give everybody no matter what they buy the max discount not everybody has to buy the same thing. so if their max discount is 30 bucks off something then that is what you get off when you buy just one. and they ship it to you unlike many groupbuys that only gets shipped to one person than that person has to figure out how to get everybody ther stuph.
ok we have ten so i will get it set up you have until tomarrow before i send in the form so let me know by tomarrow afternoon if you want in before i send it in.