Any have experience with


I like to do bad things.
I just found this site and they have EXCELLENT prices and was woundering if anyone had dealt with them. I googled them but didn't come up with anything on them except for craigslist adds and their web site. I called them to get a price for shipping on a dinning room table and chairs. Shipping was 250.00 and the table was 609.00. That's a very good price seeing as my mother in law bought the exact same table from a local store for 4000.00 before tax!

Just wondering if anyone has dealt with them, because if they're a good company I,m going to buy a new table and bedroom set.

I really like this one and the price is great.
Chateau De Ville Counter Height Table

This is the exact same table and chairs my inlaws bought for 4000.00 and they have it for 609.00
Coronado Oak Round Table Set

Does anyone know of any other ways to check a company besides google?
I have never heard of them either. The prices look almost too good which would make me wary. I would do a BBB search in the State they operate in and see if there are any complaints on them.
+1 David

But then again.They could be selling scratch and dent stuff.Which would bring the price down.
They could also be seeling furnature that they bought from a bankrupcy sale or something too. There have been alot of furniture places that have gone out of business in the past couple years. You could get a good deal

I personally wouldnt buy it unless I could look at it in person though.:twocents:
HUMM I don't know. I googled some of their set and other companies are selling for close to the same price. If I could find any good reviews I'd give them a shot. Might just have to stick with a store.