allright already! Lol


Reefing newb
Im guilty as charged, lurking in the forum, Hello! I just know that persistent notice is going to go away now right? and another 9 posts and I can, oh thats been covered yeah. So? whats that leave, hmm, reefing stuff, Ive got a reef and Im moving it to the garage, everything DIY except major electrical stuff like pumps and ballasts. Is there a coffee maker on site or do I have to go out for one

(somebody make Newbie go away thats just WRONG!!!lol)
Hello, and welcome to the site.

BTW you can change the newbee thing when you edit your profile.
lol hello and welcome:) what brought you lurking to this site?

flojo? can you believe they tore my bridge down? Whats a Troll to do? seems fairly dry and not too drafty here so if the villagers arn't to angry, could be good! Thanks for the Welcome, Ive discovered an important thing, internet buddies go away when your computer is shut off? thought id share that lol