Adding a Tang?


Reefing newb
I've been looking at possible tank mates when the reef system if fully set-up (still in the market for liverock) and I'm not sure what kind of tang would be appropriate, or if any would be.

I have a 65 gallon tank, which I know is pushing it a little when it comes to tangs. I've been looking at...

Yellow Tang
Royal Blue/Pacific Blue/ Hippo Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Achilles Tang

I want to give these fish a very good home and would never want to hurt or stress them. If I can't keep one, please don't hesitate to say so.
Definitely wouldnt go with the Achillies, its a really difficult fish to keep and needs a large tank.

If I would pick one out of that group it would be the hippo or the yellow.
I have a yellow tang in my 55, and in hindsight I think I would have left it out, or gone with a smaller fish. It's happy, but I can see how, as it grows, it may become too large for my tank. In my reef tank, with all of the corals I enjoy watching the interaction of the smaller fish and corals. The tang is almost distracting. And if I'm not mistaken, doesn't a hippo get bigger?
all tangs need a minimum of about 75 gallons BUT you could get away with it in your tank IF you get something in the Ctenochaetus species since they all stay relatively small for tangs (~6 inches)
Yellow, hippo, sailfin or kole. The hippo will be the most difficult of those four to keep.

Achilles are probably THE most difficult tang to keep. Some stores won't even sell them because they have such a miserable survival rate.
I would personally stick with the Ctenochaetus family of tangs since they stay the smallest.Like what others have said,maybe one of the bristletooths or kole tangs would be a better choice.
I would go with a small yellow or a Kole tang. Definately do not waste your money on a powder blue. They are very expensive and will stress out in a tank under 100 gallons. I made this mistake in the past with my 75 gallon tank. I wanted a power blue so bad that I ended up buying 3 different powder blues. The cheapest one was about $80. The other two where about $100. All three did nothing but circle the tank and would not eat (stress). I finally upgraded my tank to a 210 and am once again thinking about getting a powder blue tang (hopefully with better results). Good luck.
I'd go for the Kole tang. They are one of the smaller species and quite hardy. I just added one to my tank and the little guy is like a lawn mower.