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    Need advice on which chiller to buy my JBJ just bit the dust and I live in Fl. I know what hp I need just need opinions on brand. Thanks
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    Radion XR15 setup question

    So I just set up a Radion XR15 without reef link. My question is (and I think I know the answer but they don't tell you) after it's programed do you unplug the USB cable? I would think you do but I'm not sure. Just not sure.
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    Pump for Chiller

    I'm about to order a 1/10 HP chiller for a tank/sump of approx. 60 gal. What would be a good size submersible pump. Specs call for a pump with a flow rate of 240 to 960.
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    Feeding Time

    When is the best time of day to feed a mixed reef tank?
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    The Flipper

    Thinking of buying a Flipper scraper, has anyone used one and is it worth $40.00?
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    1" plastic tubing

    I just finished building my 30 gal sump, I have everything I need to install it, including a ATO system. The only thing I don't have is 1" clear plastic tubing that I need for my return. I've checked Ace Loews and Home Depot no luck. I did find 1" reinforced plastic tubing in Ace however (you...
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    Building a sump/refigium

    I'm building a sump/refugium from a 30 gal tank, its 36" long by 15" high. I'm trying figure the height of the various baffles. My first 2 baffles will be over/ under, followed b a 4" baffle coming off the bottom (for bubble control). That will make the intake chamber. Next the refugium...
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    Overflow Box

    Just bought a 30 gal tank to build my sump/refigium, but I'll need an overflow box (it's a 55 gal tank) who makes the best one and why?
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    At what point can you start adding a CUC to a newly set up reef tank?
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    First let me tell you my tank was set up this past Friday and I used uncured aquacultured rock. My question is: when I tested the water 2 days ago the ammonia was 1.5, when I tested it yesterday it was 0.05. After the test I cleaned off some whitish looking little sheets that had appeared...
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    Rim removal

    I own a 28 gal JBJ nano, the tank is currently not in use. I would like to remove the rim from the top of the tank (I won't be using the hood when I set it up again). Has anyone done this and if so how?
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    What is it

    I set my tank up Friday and I noticed this white thing after the water cleared. It's about 1" long and has moved about 1/2" since Friday. I'm wondering if its anything I should be concerned with? Also would it even make it thru cycling?
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    LED for 28 gal nano

    I currently have an 28 gal JBJ nano that I'm not using. I would like to get rid of the lid and hang or suspend an LED fixture above it. It would be set up as a reef tank so I'd like something decent but affordable. Any suggestions?
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    PVC Pipe

    Not sure were to post this, so I'll try here. Does anyone use short pieces of PVC pipe stuck in the sand to support live rock and kind of keep it ever so slightly elevated above the sand for better circulation. Sounds like a good idea, is it?
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    RO water

    Can someone please tell me the difference between RO and RO/DI water and can I use plain old store bought RO water for top offs?
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    Cleaning Old Tank

    The tank is to be used as a reef tank. As for the clay bar, I'm planning on using the bar then using vinegar , and finishing with warm water and paper towels.
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    Cleaning Old Tank

    I am cleaning a used tank to be used as my future reef tank, I'm using vinegar and a non abrasive scrub pad, but I was wondering if I could use a clay bar. I seen clay bars used to clean car wind shields. I would like to us one for the inside of the tank. Any thoughts?