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  1. flojo

    Ryans Reef

    good point. i should be less dilligent from now on;)
  2. flojo

    Ryans Reef

    yeah uh that was just embarrassing. and i realize there is an edit tab but there are these times where im too lazy to push that button but not too lazy to type another post out and explain my actions and then hit the 'post quick reply' button. lol.... but ryan, really, awesome additions!
  3. flojo

    allright already! Lol

    hmmm i see
  4. flojo

    allright already! Lol

    lol what???? youre cracking me up. i am out of it tonight but whats this about a bridge and such? lol
  5. flojo

    Ryans Reef

    and yes, i say awesome in every single sentence in real life. as opposed to fake life???? im definitely off tonight lol....
  6. flojo

    Ryans Reef

    i know i havent been keeping up much (been uber busy and no time lately) but awesome additions! and i do mean all of them. you added some awesome fish:) i especially love your new clam too! it looks like your tank is doing really awesome.
  7. flojo

    allright already! Lol

    lol hello and welcome:) what brought you lurking to this site?
  8. flojo

    new additions to our family

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the koran angel. its one of my all time favorites. nice addition
  9. flojo

    does everything have to be read by a MOD?

    lol....all that just to get a picture of your skimmer up faster? its better than porno crap getting posted on here by spammers and underagers coming across it. just take it in stride:) mods here are pretty diligent. welcome to the site
  10. flojo

    February POTM Voting!

    holy smokes there are so many to choose from. this is insane. i apparently missed a ton this month. geeze! awesome shots everyone. im still deciding....haha
  11. flojo

    New Member Here!

    welcome to the site!
  12. flojo

    Omen and Boy George Hangin Out

    it can happen to the best of them haha. awesome pics though. its so cool to see peoples talents and ur definitely talented!
  13. flojo

    first posted shot with new camera

    those pics look amazing! great job!
  14. flojo

    February POTM Entries!

    really awesome pictures everyone! they look awesome. i just wanted to throw my props out to everyone. i havent been able to keep up lately but all of the pictures look awesome
  15. flojo

    Yotes 125

    your tank looks good:) i want a pic of the new fishy! it really is looking geat, keep up the good work. on a not so awesome note, im really sorry about your job. hopefully you keep it though. i know it sucks to be cut in more than half but stay positive. i hope things work out well for you and...
  16. flojo

    dustins first tank. 120 gallon(lots of pics)

    I'm glad to hear Dustin. Regardless of the situation its better than others. My dad got layed off day before thanksgiving this year with just two weeks pay and I have two little brothers still in grade school. You better help your mom as best you can!
  17. flojo

    bye bye naso..

    thats awesome youre looking out for the fish and your tank. at least you take constructive critcism well. some people like to find out the hard way. and you get another fish!
  18. flojo

    Yotes 125

    minus the awful getting laid off part....geeze. thats an awesome deal yote! im a little jealous!
  19. flojo

    TWO more pics of Boy George!

    I think im leaning more toward the second pic. great shots!
  20. flojo


    holy eff that picture is amazing!