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  1. reeffreak

    paly ?

    Can you tell me about your lights? I'm not 100% sure but have a paly frag doing the same under too much light.I moved mine lower to see if they will do better.
  2. reeffreak

    Red Sea Max and 54 corner pictures

    Pics look really great except they are too small.I kept clicking on them thinking they were thumbnails but nothing happens.
  3. reeffreak

    better t5 Bulbs

    ATI all the way.Puts out more PAR then any other T5 bulbs. +10 to Emmett for choice of bulbs.
  4. reeffreak

    Timers for Lights

    Budget wise,I would go with a RKL for 125 bucks.Control your lights,temperature,powerheads and many more options.
  5. reeffreak

    Innovative-Marine Skimmer

    They are going to re-design the skimmer to fit the Nuvo 16 and 24 because those tanks have become so popular.I haven't checked back in awhile but it could be available already.
  6. reeffreak

    Do I need a 72" light?

    Typically,most people use 4 modules on 6ft. tanks.I'm not familiar with that fixture.Actually,that's the first time I've heard of an LED fixture that spans the whole length of the tank. If you go with that fixture you could always go with lower light corals on the very end of each side..
  7. reeffreak

    Algae Springing up

    Are you talking about those dark spots on the sand? I haven't a clue on what type of algae that is.I wouldn't worry about it during the cycling period.
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  9. reeffreak

    Which Calcium Reactor...

    Hah,yeah Jeff. We talked through email so many times.
  10. reeffreak

    Innovative-Marine Skimmer

    They are too sensitive so I removed mine completely.The spewing of microbubbles or overflowing from just the smallest amount of food or epoxy drove me nuts.Water changes will have to do until Cadlight makes their nano-skimmer work on the nuvos.They are suppose to be working on it.
  11. reeffreak

    Zoanthid ID

    I'm terrible at all the trade names for zoas. Nice zoa rock,though!
  12. reeffreak

    Any idea what this starburst looking thing is?

    The pic looks kind of blurry but it could well be just the feathers of a tube worm.
  13. reeffreak

    Aquarian's 36g Bow Front

    So sorry. If any flesh can recover then it could bounce back in time.
  14. reeffreak

    Ocean's Nuvo 16

    Very nice,I running the 24 myself.Great little nanos with some quirks.
  15. reeffreak

    Which Calcium Reactor...

    Never tried there reactors.I swear John's skimmers are too awesome for words.Simple design with a self cleaning venturi.I ran one for 5 years never having the venturi hiccup or clog.
  16. reeffreak


    I wouldn't dose feed my tank unless there are corals that need it.Spot feeding on the other hand should be done depending on the corals.For example,blastos,trachies and lobos I feed during the day.Scolys and some of my acans get fed at night.I only feed them twice a week to cut down on nutrients.
  17. reeffreak

    Wave Maker

    They are nice to have but isn't necessary for a successful reef.
  18. reeffreak

    torch corals

    IME,torch corals are somewhat more difficult then say hammers and frogspawn.I have a toxic green torch doing really well and a gold torch die for reasons unknown.Some torches will eat and some won't readily accept anything.My green shows no reaction to feeding.
  19. reeffreak

    Green frogspawn losing tentacles

    Sorry for your lost. My experience and from reading other people's experience.Aussie euphyllia are having poor long term survivals..IME,it's usually the odd color gold,orange hammers,torches and frogspawns.I'm losing a orange hammer from STN(slow tissue necrosis) currently for reasons...
  20. reeffreak

    darn clowns.

    I have so many suitable corals for my clowns yet all they care about is the powerhead. I read about the flashlight trick that worked for some people.When the lights are out,shine the light towards the anemone and then towards the clown.Sort of coaxing them toward a host.So far it hasn't worked...