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    Rwynn's 10g Office Tank

    So, it took like almost 2 months for the sand to settle! I kid, but I did get some pics tonight. I have been battling a hair algae issue. I figured it out finally. I had purchased some premixed water and RO water from the LFS and assumed it would be correct in salinity. Turns out it was at...
  2. 2011-07-29 21.44.02.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.44.02.jpg

  3. 2011-07-29 21.44.22.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.44.22.jpg

  4. 2011-07-29 21.45.42.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.45.42.jpg

  5. 2011-07-29 21.45.20.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.45.20.jpg

  6. 2011-07-29 21.44.59.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.44.59.jpg

  7. 2011-07-29 21.44.38.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.44.38.jpg

  8. 2011-07-29 21.46.49.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.46.49.jpg

  9. 2011-07-29 21.46.38.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.46.38.jpg

  10. 2011-07-29 21.46.15.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.46.15.jpg

  11. 2011-07-29 21.45.55.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.45.55.jpg

  12. 2011-07-29 21.48.10.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.48.10.jpg

  13. 2011-07-29 21.47.40.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.47.40.jpg

  14. 2011-07-29 21.47.26.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.47.26.jpg

  15. 2011-07-29 21.47.15.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.47.15.jpg

  16. 2011-07-29 21.47.01.jpg

    2011-07-29 21.47.01.jpg

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    JC's 29G nano

    Re: JC's 10 G nano Very awesome tank, loving the 10g :) Also, nice light.
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    Might be making a trip

    measure the amount of evaporation you have over a 1 week period(3 diff times) to get a good average, then rig a script on your computer(that you place near your tank) to open the CD tray after 1 week tipping a bucket of RO water with 3/4 the amount needed(to be safe(lol)) over and refilling the...
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    Rwynn's 10g Office Tank

    Added a K2 today, traded it for my old 3g. Blew sand up a bit while I was getting it where I wanted it. I'll grab some pics tomorrow when it has settled again.
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    would 48Watt HO-T5 be enough for my 10G

    4.8w you could keep the low end coral, why don't you look at this? Odyssea T5 High Output Lighting 50$ with free shipping. I just put one on my 10g at the office. Those pics should give you an idea of the lighting with actinics and with main lights.