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    Brown Algae coming off of sand like a carpet

    Remove it. If some floats around in your tank after you vac it. use a net and play in the water awhile. Have fun. I have not had much of a problem with brown algae since I added a fighting conch and phosguard.
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    The rest of my corals are doing great. I only had a problem with the frogspawn.
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    Iodine, Strontium & Molybdenum, & Liquid Calcium. I added some about a month before I added the Frogspawn. So, It's been about 6 weeks since I have added anything.
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    PH is 8.4 Alk is on the higher side of normal Nitrate is at 0 Ammonia is at 0 I have 2- Actinic 65 watt bulbs and 2- 10.000K 65 watt bulbs in my PC. What do you think?
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    The water was fine. I have not tested since it happened. I will go do again and let you know. I have PCs on a 55 gal.
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    I bought a frogspawn frag online. I put it in the tank about mid-level under medium flow. Within 12 hours, the polyps came out a fair bit. For about 3 days it seemed to do well. One morning I noticed the polyps were not out, but there was a cloudy white balloon coming out of it. Now, It's...
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    Updated 125g Pics (Dial up, you know the drill!)

    You take great pictures. Do you work for National Geographic or something? Are your zoos on different pieces of rock and placed together on the bottom? That's a super cool picture of those. I'm getting inspired. _Burney
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    I run whites for 9 and flourescents for 8 on a PC Flourescent. I get morning sunlight:happysun: 'til around 9AM through windows. I believe that can be good for corals and bad for algae. It took me awhile to adjust my timers to this and keep algae down. Now, my corals are growing. This may be...
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    Moon Lights

    Jhnrb, I like that setup! I have a Power Compact Flourescent light fixture. The manufacturer of the moonlights don't recommend I mount them to it. It may over heat them. My light has 4 little fans blowing my kickin' AC and it doesn't feel hot enough to melt anything. I might go ahead and try...
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    Moon Lights

    Are any of you using moon lights at night? What brand is best and where are you getting them? How are you timing them or does it matter? I just can't get enough of my tank. I must see it at night, too.:beerchug: :goodnight
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    pvc glue

    The glue I use on water lines in the plumbing trade is made by Oatey called Rain or Shine. Always use primer, beforehand. And it doesn't take much, like jhnrb told you. Clean pipe AND fitting, then add glue to pipe AND fitting then give it a quarter turn. This gives the glue enough friction to...
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    UV Sterilizer

    I am ready to try a UV Sterilizer and need your advice. I have been looking at the turbotwist and know I'll need a pump complete the setup. So, what pump and sterilizer combo do you recommend. What's new and improved? And If you have a pic of how you set yours up, could you let me see it? I am...
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    Tank Weight

    Find out it there is a supporting wall beneath you(the floor below) and get close to it.
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    Dead Lawnmower Blenny

    lawnmower blenny I lost my lawnmower blenny about a month ago and don't know why. He seemed lively and happy then he disappeared. I don't think he starved. I am going to get another soon. Burney
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    Some tank pics... (DIAL UP BEWARE!)

    Naso You are right, 100%. :bowdown: I wanted to get a baby one from DrF&S. I was going to build an in wall/bar 100gal. setup for new house in about a year. I didn't think it would grow to be uncomfortable in that time. :sfish: How fast do they grow? If you don't think it's a good idea, let...
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    Some tank pics... (DIAL UP BEWARE!)

    tank pics Absolutely Beautiful! Yes, I like tangs. Though, I just lost 2 to a purple stripe pseudochromis. I am wanting to introduce a Naso and Blue asap. I use a power compact for now. I'll be looking to upgrade soon. Keep up the good work. _Burney
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    New Set-up

    live sand Correct me if Im wrong anyone. It was explained to me that live sand provides you with many valuable microorganisms that you may never see. If you do happen to see something. Let us know. Keep at it. Burney
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    Up and running

    sand stirrer I have a fighting conch and sand sifting star in a 55gal. They seem to have plenty to eat. I didn't know the fighting conch would eat my snails, though. Cool :Cheers: _Burney
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    First tank .... First post

    welcome I'm glad you could make it. Dumb questions save lives. Books and articles are great, but sometimes outdated and vague. Keep us posted on your progress and take pictures as you go. _Burney
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    Red Sea Prizm protein skimmer

    skimmer Jasen, It's a SeaClone. I think the bubbles are because of the Prime I have added. I found my book and it troubleshoots it that way. I'm not sure what a bubble trap is. Thanks for helping me out. Burney