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  1. ndepratt

    12 Gallon Nano Cube

    12g... don't get a nem, imo. try getting some sort of LPS such as a torch coral, which are frequently hosted by clowns, look exactly the same if you don't know what you're looking at, and are much easier to keep. i still don't understand this arbitrary dating thing that makes people come up...
  2. ndepratt

    dcantucson's Zero Edge

  3. ndepratt

    Removing Tank Scratches

    yep yep.... very easy. have fun :)
  4. ndepratt

    Which Urchin? Pin Cushion or Black Spiny

    a 46 is small for pretty much any urchin other than the tuxedo urchin. in that small of a tank it's going to be tough to keep him fed in the long-run. that's just my .02... i had a 40g with a rock boring urchin in it.... he demolished what little algae i had... then started tearing up the...
  5. ndepratt


    use superglue gel. and don't try to superglue things while they're submerged in water.
  6. ndepratt

    Brian's 75 Gallon

    not at all.
  7. ndepratt

    When to replace RO/DI filters?

    get a sea hair.... will eliminate it very quickly.... then see if it comes back, and how long it takes.
  8. ndepratt

    How long would a tang be okay in a 55?

    i need to photoshop my name into that...
  9. ndepratt

    red bubble algae

    man i don't even know what the proper ppm is for alkalinity... only dkh and meq/l or whatever. Getting rid of Red Bubble Algae | decent article. i would like to point out that at times people who have algae problems get readings that say they have no nitrates or phosphates... that's because...
  10. ndepratt

    it's all good

    very nice... however i would recommend pipe going fully into the first chamber (no splashing down) with a filter sock on it) just a lot quieter.
  11. ndepratt

    How long would a tang be okay in a 55?

    0 days. i go by a personal rule that says if a fish can't be full grown in the tank... the tank is too small. this is ESPECIALLY true with a PB. Ich (crypt actually) magnet. not everyone will agree with me... of course... but the fish is better off potentially going to someone who already...
  12. ndepratt

    Grade B? Piccasso

    don't pay attention to whether it's grade A or B... as that's HIGHLY subjective based on where you get them from. i've seen lame looking A's, and awesome looking B's, and have heard lots of stories of B's being identical to A's. sure, an A is more likely to look better... and have a high price...
  13. ndepratt

    red bubble algae

    uhhh.... those aren't good readings at all. are you checking properly? your ph should be about 8.3-8.4 (so it's about 1/100th of what it should be....) by alk at 100 do you mean 10dkh?
  14. ndepratt

    Too much water overflow

    since this is a standard corner overflow, it has slots in the center of the box to pull water from the middle of the tank right? are those working? how big of a pump (or what kind) do you have feeding this system?
  15. ndepratt

    Controlling Overgrown Green Star Polyps

    i like the idea of selling it to your LFS, kind of like a cash crop in your fish tank :P i don't know the truth in this... but i've always heard that while GSP grows like it's $19.99 (recession joke) it gives way to other corals. daugherty is right... killing/stressing the coral will release...
  16. ndepratt

    Help with hairy toadstool leather coral, please

    oh man.... that doesn't look good at all. lugols could work... but it's hard on the coral. sucks man, best of luck to you. out of curiousity, what other corals do you have, and how are they? is this your first coral purchase from that particular store?
  17. ndepratt

    live rock. FYI im not really new to reefing

    any saltwater tank should have a sump ;)
  18. ndepratt

    ID please!

    not a coral ;) (had to) and great ID'ing yote! you might consider moving that guy down the sandbed, as he'll be much happier there :) best of luck to you.
  19. ndepratt

    live rock. FYI im not really new to reefing

    i don't subscribe to any "per gallon" rules. put the amount of rock in there that looks good to you. LR is the best filtration, but don't think that if you don't have exactly 2.0 lbs per gallon of water (or 1.0) that everything will die.
  20. ndepratt

    water change wait time thingy

    go buy water at your LFS, since you have such a small tank.