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    my 10 gal

    Looks great m8
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    nasouk mixed reef

    Thanks aquarian
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    nasouk mixed reef

    this is my tank it is 389 ltrs and is bout 2 years old most of the live rock came from my old tank there is bout 35-40 kg of live in the tank tank spec 121L x 62H x 51W cm lighting 4x 54w t5's 2 marine white and 2 marine blue deltec mec 600 skimmer Eheim ECCO Pro 2 external filter running just...
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    Mind Blowing Corals

    Hi and welcome
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    frag tank

    I have a 90 ltr frag tank just wondering what fish u guys though is best I was thinking of a wrasse and a blenny. Any ideas?
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    hello from the uk

    Lol. I have always worked in litres its just easier than working out gal plus us gal is different to uk gal
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    hello from the uk

    Yeah sounds about right I have always worked in litres sorry should of put it in gallons too
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    hello from the uk

    Thanks for the welcomes guys
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    hello from the uk

    Hello everyone im phil and im new here bin in this great hobby for about 5 years now and just love it. Currently have 2 tanks running 389 ltrs mixed reef which is 3 years now and a 90 ltr tank which I use for fragging