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    good protein skimmer

    Euro-Reef RS 135
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    algae blenny not eating

    You can find plain old dried nori at the asian market. Almost all nori sold at the regular supermarket has seasoning on it.
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    19th Annual Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA XIX)

    I'd love to see the Elos display. They have some killer stuff. Hope to attend with some of the guy's from Preuss. Although I'm not sure how many of us they are going to take (aside from Kirby, Steve, and Rick that is).
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    Equipment Update

    Try pointing the PH at each other from opposite sides of the tank. This will create a lot of good random flow as the water jets slam into each other.
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    algae blenny not eating

    Hurray research. A Lawnmower blenny isn't going to eat much besides algae (and if it does it's not meeting it's nutritional requirements).
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    oh and I forgot. A good thermometer is a must.
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    Probably the two most important monitors are a PH monitor (because as we all should know PH test kits are a complete waste of money) and an auto top-off. The AT is really important if you want to use Kalk (otherwise you will have BIG PH swings when you top off). I would suggest the Tunze...
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    Air Pockets

    The bubbles are indeed nitrogen gas. It is the result of critters from your sand bed eating waste/food from the top of the sand and then expelling waste beneath the sand. The anaerobic area beneath the sand results in the nitrate being converted to nitrogen gas. When the bubbles travel up and...
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    Black Powerhead

    I'd have to disagree that Koralias are better for the money. IMO they are big and bulky as well as having a more laminar flow. The way the water is pushed through the front it seems to have a very narrow stream that is spread out only from top to bottom. Just my 2c but I'd go with the nanos.
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    Corals Plus - STAY AWAY

    They really suck I know several people that have had terrible experiences with them. They always had a terrible reputation.
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    Black Powerhead

    What about the tunze nanostreems? They are black and far superior to either a maxijet or an aquaclear.
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    How hardy are GSP?

    impossible to kill IME. I've tried Kalk pasting them and they come back. Same with xenia. I rip it out and throw it in the fuge and then it grows back. I've traded hundreds of dollars to the LFS from my $15 frag.
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    Adding live rock to existing setup

    For the love of god don't use the water you transport the rock in for a water change.
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    A couple of questions about housing micro algae

    I think you probably mean macro algae. I wouldn't recommend putting it in your display as it can quickly overrun the tank. The benefits of using macro algae on a reverse daylight schedule is that it will help you to maintain higher PH because even though there is no photosynthesis going on in...
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    You should throw it back in the ocean if you don't know what it eats.
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    filter sock

    Adding a filter sock will increase the efficiency of your protein skimmer. Just be sure to change it regularly. As far as running phosban in the sock I'd suggest not doing it. At higher flow rates phosban can lose it's integrity and start to dissolve.
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    Coral skeletons aren't very porous so it won't act in the same fashion as LR but will make good decorations.
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    Lighting Questions

    Low = PC, Moderate = VHO, High = HO T5 (depending on depth) and MH (also depending on depth, 150 DE MH on 30" depth would be moderate at lower 50% of the tank). Watts per gallon is WORTHLESS.
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    I am so mad at

    I've never heard anything good about them. I also know of several people who were banned for voicing concerns about their tank size recommendations as well as gripes with their return policy. Just a quick link to what I was talking about... Blue Hippo Tang (Paracanthurus hepatus) Super...
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    Cleanup Crew

    2 fighting conch 4 emerald crabs 2 peppermint shrimp 18 tongan nassarius 10 nessarius 12-16 trochus 1 huge turbo 20 ceriths 1 tuxedo urchin (best member of the crew by far) 2 money cowrie I feed a lot so i have to have a whole bunch of critters to eat everything.