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    Hi im dan ive been keeping marine for over 10 years

    Hi im dan, been keepong marine fish for over 10 years... lots of experience, stories to tell, mistakes made and lessons learned. Ive been giving a lot of advice through an app recently and helping people set up so thought i would come on here and give it a go
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    Coral sharing and how to get cheap marine fish/corals

    So my corals are doing well... ive recently started to frag and swap xenia, gsp, cabbage... ive had some lovely bubble mushrooms and zoas in exchange... this is just a post to encourage people to advertise on apps like shpok... just click sell and put corals for swap and put a discription...
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    Best Way To Remove A Cabbage Leather?

    Why would you want to kill a cabbage on a rock... those sofetys are great ive been fragging and sharing mine for years? Great hardy coral... and yes you can razor it... if you cut it lowe enough at the base the remanance will normaly turn a chalky substance and clear but if you leave any flesh...