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  1. KevinMs

    Kizmar's 120 gal

    Looking really good.
  2. KevinMs

    sponge maybe

    I took a couple of more pics with the lights off hoping the contrast of the flash on my phone would help some..If I could ever figure out where my daughter hid the camera :frustrat: [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  3. KevinMs

    sponge maybe

    I am photoshop best I can say its pretty large and in the background hanging from the underside of the rock . Its in the shaded area.
  4. KevinMs

    sponge maybe

    Noticed this thing hanging under a piece of live rock in my tank. I hope its fairly new, would hate to think I missed something this big in my tank considering the amount of time I spend looking. Anyway, its about 2.5 inches long 1.25 around and feels kinda delicate but not soft nor slime...
  5. KevinMs


    Congrats on your nemlets. Curiously, what is the cold butter knife trick?
  6. KevinMs

    trumpet coral questions.

    I purchased a trumpet coral which looks and acts similar to sun/cup coral. My question is about proper food. The tentacles only extend at night, which I completely was aware of and anticipated, but I'm having a problem getting it to feed. I tried spot feeding with Marine snow, which doesn't...
  7. KevinMs

    Nudibranch possibly

    Thanks for the reply, guys. Not knowing what the little fella was, I pulled em from the display tank and its now wandering my sump. Better to error on the side of caution.
  8. KevinMs

    Nudibranch possibly

    I watched this little fellow crawl around on my power head. No idea if its harmful or not, any ideas? Must have hitchhiked on the latest batch of coral I just bought. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  9. KevinMs

    Very happy maroon clown

    I can believe it. The nem hasn't been in there an hour and the clown looks like she is about to wallow the tentacles off the poor nem.
  10. KevinMs

    Very happy maroon clown

    Today I visited a new LFS and purchased some frags and a nice sized GBA. Within 30 minuted of placing the new nem in its home, my lonely maroon clown started hosting. Very happy about this as I know its never a guaranty for a clown and nem to host. Here is a photo of the happy homesteader
  11. KevinMs

    Kizmar's 120 gal

    Very nice..liking the canopy set up!:Cheers:
  12. KevinMs

    Damaged tank!!!

    I've had a 150 that i purchased from petsmart fail after about 1 1/2 years (bottom panel released). Its then one truly comprehends how much water 150 gallons is. Point is, when in doubt....would not risk it !
  13. KevinMs

    Advice needed on LED falling into tank

    Over a week and many, many water changes later, zoa's and gsp are beginning to open along with some small tentacle extension from my torch and duncan. Still limping along with one radion, probably purchase another by the end of the month. Sadly none of my sps but at least it wasn't a total loss
  14. KevinMs

    Water movment through sump

    If you still plan on drilling, a good site to get an overflow kit is They have kits to suit just about every flow rating and it even comes with the correct glass holesaw.
  15. KevinMs

    Shrooms Shriveling

    Lighting would be my guess. I had green stripe and purple mushrooms and both seemed happier in a little shade.
  16. KevinMs

    Newest addition - Daisy

    Oh man that is a sweet tang!..grats on the new fish!
  17. KevinMs

    New Video, With New Aditions !!!

    Tank looks awesome and I love the color of the LED's ..very nice!
  18. KevinMs

    HELP, dying Hermits!

    Kinda sounds like they lost the competition for their shells. Any other crabs in your cuc that have removable shells?
  19. KevinMs

    280 gal plywood budget question

    Interesting, I clicked on the link again and it continues to bring the thread up without any issues, no alert issues from my anti's either. If the link is giving folks problems and y'all are still, forums, DIY Its quite an interesting thread, I had no idea one...
  20. KevinMs

    monkiboy's 265g build thread

    Epic build thread..thanks so much for sharing this, amazing work!