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  1. Kelli1120

    seahorse not doing well need help asap please!!!!!

    Just recently we acquired 4 sea horse from a friend that had to get rid of them immediately, we set up a tank for them but something happened and caused us to take them in before our sea horse tank had time to finish cycling so the sea horses went in our main tank. They have been in the tank for...
  2. Kelli1120


    My tank is 60 gallons and I just did a test tonight on my tank actually and these are my results ph-8.2 ammonia-0 nitrite-0 nitrate-40 ( I know way too high and I am doing a water change tomorrow mixing the salt as I type this, water change will be first thing tomorrow morning) (this is the...
  3. Kelli1120


    I have cyanobacteria growing all over my rocks, sand, and even some of my corals, I can not get rid of it. Can somebody please help me, I'm worried that it will suffocate my corals and stunt their growth. My light is brand new (bought it 3 months ago), I have a skimmer, 2 power heads on same...