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  1. matthew1048

    Please be patient! I'm in training! :)

    Yeah, hi and welcome and stuff. Glad your here bud.
  2. matthew1048

    electric flame scallop?

  3. matthew1048

    So, I'm scared and think im ready, Double check me.

    Sup pal? Glad to have ya aboard. I agree with Yote. He's got you completely covered on your questions. One thing I want to touch on is your inclusion of the Blue Tang in a 55 gallon. I don't like the idea. The minimum tank requirement for a Blue is 70 gallons. Saltwater Aquarium Fish...
  4. matthew1048

    Tempted to keep a fish tank on the floor

    If it were me, I would use some sheets of marine grade plywood on it. You could use liquid nails to glue it to the top. Perhaps a sheet on the top, and one the front and back. The only reason I say that is for bracing purposes...but I'm not exactly sure how sturdy it would be...but at least...
  5. matthew1048

    Is this ich on my clownfish?

    Yeah. I see what he's convoluted and over-thought out it is. I still think he's missing the boat and it bothers me...I'm worried bout his fish. Hope your fish pull through bud.
  6. matthew1048

    Is this ich on my clownfish?

    I giggled out loud and then scratched my head when I read's a complete contradiction. I can't add anything more to what's been supplied to you other than this. The methods supplied to you by these two fine people would be the route you need to take. I would heed their advice if I...
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    LOVE my new LIGHT BULB!!!

    Veryyy nice!
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    Introduce yourself with pics.

    Or ummm...Bambi's DAD. Rofl.
  9. matthew1048

    Tempted to keep a fish tank on the floor

    Well…that would make a difference! Lmao!
  10. matthew1048

    Tempted to keep a fish tank on the floor

    We must be talking about different types of blocks then. Because the ones used to lay foundations on homes aren't anywhere near 20 lbs a piece. At least the ones we used when I was in masonry weren't.
  11. matthew1048

    Guess who's back

    Hmm. Well I'll be looking forward to that then. =D
  12. matthew1048

    Guess who's back

    Appreciate holmes. So does this forum completely die now at like 10:00 pm central time or what???
  13. matthew1048

    Biff's 90 Gallon Downgrade

    Yeah. And another thing about those cords... every time one's used for anything more than plugging up a black light in a dorm room, a puppy dies. Seriously. I read it on Wikipedia.
  14. matthew1048

    Tempted to keep a fish tank on the floor

    A concrete block IS NOT going to weigh 30 - 45 lbs each. More like 3 lbs each. That is if you're talking about one of these - Also, I kind of agree with Biff. I'd say if you're seriously going this route that while you're at the...
  15. matthew1048

    another new guy :)

    Yeah. Welcome and stuff, buddy!!
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    Guess who's back

    What?? I txt'd back... Lemme resend. Ok. Did it work??
  17. matthew1048

    Guess who's back

    EliWhitney...she speaks the truth. Lmao!
  18. matthew1048

    Guess who's back

    No. I've kept the same number.
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    Guess who's back

    Yes sir. Kickin high too Mr Moderatin Yote! And Sarah! Has it really been THAT long?! Geeez. Sadly, I've changes phones twice in two years, so I don't have the digits. You should soooo txt me so I can save it again!
  20. matthew1048

    Dinoflagelletes. How do I destroy them and are they hurting my corals?

    I have to agree with what Yote did. I'm also going to agree with you on them being photosynthetic. Let's pray they're not the parasitic type anyway. In order to kill something, you must know what it thrives this case, light. I'm going to go out on a limb and say light restriction...