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  1. Hippocampus kuda

    More jellies

    Jellyfishes - YouTube
  2. Hippocampus kuda

    Jellies in Manila Ocean Park

    I dunno what kind of jellies are these but I'm sure they're beautiful! :)
  3. Hippocampus kuda

    The Coral Triangle

    What exactly is the coral triangle???????? :) :) :) :):sfish::sfish:
  4. Hippocampus kuda

    Extremely beautiful marine creatures

    I dunno if these creatures can survive in the home aquarium but I can be sure that they are so gorgeous. Zebra batfish Zebra urchin crab Pygmy Seahorse Rhinopias scorpionfish Clown frogfish Weedy scorpionfish Harlequin ghost pipefish
  5. Hippocampus kuda

    Fish species to AVOID

    Fish species to avoid (well, according to the book I read): :) 1. Razorfish Possesses an unnaturally short life expectancy in captivity. 2. Bandit angelfish A fish that it extremely difficult to keep for a long period of time. 3. Multibarred andelfish A fish that it extremely difficult to...
  6. Hippocampus kuda

    Feeding oysters

    how do you feed a pacific thorny oyster?? :) :)
  7. Hippocampus kuda

    Surrogate anemone

    We all know that all anemonefish adopt surrogate anemones if they cannot find any anemone deemed to be suitable for them, but my clown is different, even though he already has a chosen anemone, he would still adopt surrogates. Even though I have provided him with the right anemone (Heteractis...
  8. Hippocampus kuda

    Deep Sea biotope aquarium

    I wonder if I can do something unusual like this when I'm old enough..... :)
  9. Hippocampus kuda

    Deep Sea biotope aquarium

    I have recently read an article about a company who was planning to create a tourist attraction that was near the ocean shore which is a public aquaria emphasizing deep sea creatures as their main attraction. The article stated that the aquarium would be dome-shaped and the place would be very...
  10. Hippocampus kuda

    Saltwater Garden Ponds: Is it possible?

    I always wondered if saltwater ponds are possible. I mean, if freshwater ponds are possible, how 'bout seawater? And instead of freshwater plants, why not sea grass or robust corals that would survive extreme water changes? And instead of kois or catfish, why not marine fishes that would...
  11. Hippocampus kuda

    Reef safe eels

    Are there eels that are safe to stock in a reef tank, that would not eat my crustaceans and other inverts? :neutral:
  12. Hippocampus kuda

    A newbie

    :) hi I'm new!!!