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  1. Tifoez

    Power heads?

    Yes, sump & refugium..
  2. Tifoez

    Power heads?

    I'm also wondering what size of power heads I will need for a 45 corner tank, not sure of gph on my hob overflow, but for zoa colonies Ive read that they require more flow?? I'd like to get the type that the motor is external and links to the fan by magnet.. Id also prefer them to be compatible...
  3. Tifoez

    LED Lighting?

    Parrotchute, you still around? It would be nice to hear of a 6 year review of your lighting experience.. I'd rather not spend money in the wrong direcrion..
  4. Tifoez

    first timer here

    Welcome aboard, you have asked several great questions, and I'm sure you are in great hands around here.. Good luck, and get plenty of pictures so next year you can look back on where you started..
  5. Tifoez

    fresh 50gal corner to reef

    ReeferRob, I sent that out to you over the weekend, I hope it finds you soon!! Thanks again!! *one step closer, woot woot*
  6. Tifoez

    Living Reefs Action Plan!

    I am a newb, and I found this forum because I did some homework about the content, and members.. I could tell it was an awesome community, with mass amounts of information.. Since joining LR, I've noticed SEVERAL new fish hobby groups appearing on facebook and when I found someone stumped with a...
  7. Tifoez

    fresh 50gal corner to reef

    Is there any way to "treat" tap water, before salt.. I was thinking drip over a layer of moss or something to "filter" and run until tds is within acceptable parameters?? Maybe duck moss in the refugium, we used to use it in the clean up ponds at Pilot Travel Centers where all the lot and...
  8. Tifoez

    Hello all. New guy here

    Welcome to Living Reefs, a vast amount of information available!! Having a hard time finding something, don't feel weird for asking, most off us fill the time with answering questions, discussing products, and ways to improve our systems..
  9. Tifoez

    fresh 50gal corner to reef

    My tank looks so amature..
  10. Tifoez

    fresh 50gal corner to reef

    Oh goodness.. what did I get myself into.. lol I know I'm runnin pate on postin the overflow video..
  11. Tifoez

    The things we do for our tank !!!

    Looking awesome, i love the island layout, I have similar plans with my 90.. I'm definitly following to see how it all turns out.. Congrats on getting a more professional, professional.. ;)
  12. Tifoez

    fresh 50gal corner to reef

    ReeferRob.. Overflow is up and running, reliable so far, I will post a video as soon as I have a minute.. used pvc I already had to hook it up.. Now on to the next phase.. Protein skimming, lights, better return pump, powerheads, test kit, refractometer.. Then rodi, salt all the $and & rock$...
  13. Tifoez

    Peppermint shrimp in refugium

    Following.. Was also considering clean up crews in refugium..
  14. Tifoez

    fresh 50gal corner to reef

    Got some awesomeness in the mail today, THANK YOU ReeferRob!! Now, to figure out how to put it to good use!!
  15. Tifoez

    fresh 50gal corner to reef

    Good point ;) Thanks!!
  16. Tifoez

    fresh 50gal corner to reef

    Thank you Sir.. I'm el cheapo also.. not by choice, but.. I plan to upgrade systems with budget, and I pray everything I use to get running holds up until I can make those changes.. I'm not sure how the email around here works, if you would rather, my email is ASK ME :) lol.. ReeferRob, email...
  17. Tifoez

    fresh 50gal corner to reef

    When your looking down at the top it looks liks a home plate for baseball.. 5 or 6?? Holy crap, lol.. Two @ 10k Two @ actinic And a moonlight or two?? What is a good moonlight??
  18. Tifoez

    My First Saltwater Tank! 46gal Bow Front

    That is awesome!! Don't mind me as I wipe up the drool.. I can't wait, its like a Christmas that keeps getting pushed back..
  19. Tifoez

    fresh 50gal corner to reef

    Ok, I believe it is a 40-50 gallon corner tank, the refugium I'm using is a 10 gallon that I hope will always be 3/4 full.. the bottom of the tank is less than 2'empty, with 3" sand, so 20" or so from light to sand bed.. I didn't think it would be skimping since the fluorescent bulbs are the...