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    New tank - Cloudy water

    That's natural, happens to all of us. It will clear up in a day or so. It's not a problem. :D
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    New to this, need a few questions answered

    1. A protein skimmer is not necessary, but they are extremely useful. Live rock will be your bio filtration and regular water changes will help remove the waste and renew the trace elements, but in the long run I would save up and buy a protein skimmer at some point. 2. You can use the HOB...
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    Lighting help?

    This is the light I have on my 10 gallon. T5 Quad 20" Aquarium Light HO 72W Cichlid Marine Reef LED 4x 18W Lamps Nano | eBay
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    Unusual tang

    My fault, was looking at the line "Current Aquarium Description". :frustrat:
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    Unusual tang

    Nice Tangs. My metric conversion isn't that great but if you have them in a 90 liter tank it is way too small for either of those Tangs (Sailfin and Lieutenant).
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    Question bout feeding

    Yes, my Blue Damsel in my 60g is a pig and has a fat, round belly. But every once in a while he'll go for a few days of not eating even though I am still feeding the tank, he'll slim down and then in two or three days turn right back into a chow hound again. :mrgreen:
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    Samhain's 90 Gallon Reef

    The Cream Angel is a beaut. Congrats. Great looking tank. :Cheers:
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    Hello and Welcome. :D
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    Keeping Corals Fixed

    I use SuperGlue, the gel type. Works great.
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    Question bout feeding

    +1 LoveJC - You are gonna get a bunch of different answers on this one. As long as you aren't overfeeding or underfeeding you will have to come up with what is best for your tank. A lot of people only feed once a day, some feed every other day and others go a couple of days between feedings...
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    Beginner needing ID's Thank you!

    I would warn you to test the water frequently and watch for an ammonia spike. If you kept the old sand it will have stirred up a lot of junk and you will want to be prepared to do water changes as needed to keep the level down since you have living creatures already in the tank.
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    Beginner needing ID's Thank you!

    Hello and Welcome. :D See if this link helps.
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    Newbies 30 Gallon Long Tank

    Very nice job. :Cheers: Also hello and welcome to LR. :D
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    my tank 7 mths on

    Your tank look great. Good job. :D
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    Newby to the saltwater group

    Hello and Welcome. :Cheers:
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    Hi All

    Hello and Welcome. :Cheers:
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    My new Blue Jaw Pair

    Great lookin' pair of Triggers. Congrats. Awesome looking tank too. :Cheers:
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    I'm Chris! lets get reefed!

    Hello and Welcome. :D
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    MikeG's 10 Gallon Contest Tank

    Weekly Update Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrates 5 P.H. 8.1S.G. 1.026 Temp 79.9 Stock List 2 Purple Firefish 4 Astrea Snails 3 Bumble Bee Snails 1 Turbo Snail Zoanthids Colt Coral Folded Brain Open Brain Duncan Favites Toadstool Full Tank Shot Green Folded Brain
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    RO/DI unit test !!!!

    They usually do, but it could be off.