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    Help please !!

    What kind of drain are you running? If its a standard Durso overflow in a drilled tank, then its not a problem. Power down, let it drain to the sump. (My 90 drains about 5 gallons into the sump on power down.) Pump the sump out. Swap it out, refill the sump and power up. It could get a little...
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    Moving a tank, suggestions?

    Okay, so not one answer. Ill tell you how it went..... 1. Emptied all gear from under stand. 2. Unplugged lights and removed top. 3. Powered down all equipment and unplugged from the power. 4. Using several 30 gallon plastic tubs; a. Pumped out sump, removed rock and placed in tub...
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    Moving a tank, suggestions?

    Its been a while so....hello again everyone! I need to move my tank temporarily. We are having new carpet installed and I need to move my tank about 15 feet into an unfinished room in the basement. It's a standard 90 gallon mixed reef tank, wooden cabinet, 24 gallon sump and all the various...
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    White Starfish invasion

    I must have 1000 of these things in my tank. No idea where they came from. I haven't added anything to my take in a long time, then that was a fish, not something they could hitch hike on. Still, I don't find them unappealing. They hide in the light. Its funny to watch them at feeding time...
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    Seriously, I need a Sundial snail or two!

    My tank is over run with Copper Penny Palyos. I NEED a Sundial snail or two to eat them. I don't keep Zoas, so it really won't be a pest in my tank. Have any of you got these as pests in your tank? I'll buy them!
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    Adding reactor....questions!

    Agreed that in needs pressure, not just flow through. I typically run my reactors as separate units. That means they have their own pump. I pump from the inlet end of my sump and return to the outlet side of the sump near the return pump.
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    Is it worth while to add a sump to my tank

    10 gallons is kinda small. No worries though! Its all good. You can add a sump. How big can you go? I would suggest you add a 20 gallon sump if you have room. Gradually build up the total volume of water. Maybe take double your normal water change, add that water to the sump, and let it run...
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    My new LED lights. (AKA "cheap Chinese" ones.)

    Last updated in February. Figures..... One of the lights has lost the blues. The were working over the last week intermittently, but now they just wont come on at all. The other light has been losing the whites on and off though they are working now. Its been about 3 years on these, so I guess...
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    Drain "cover"/case/whatever its called?

    I need a quick answer here. My 90 is drilled slightly off center and runs a durso drain. Surrounding this area is a plastic "cover". It hides the drain, acts as the overflow area, whatever. I don't know how else to describe it. Anyway, I am wondering if it can be removed while the system is...
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    My new LED lights. (AKA "cheap Chinese" ones.)

    So lets update this! Lights are still working as designed. Cases still look great. I had both units out last week to clean them. All the LEDs are working. Level adjustments work fine. fans don't seem to be noisy. Tank is doing well now that its gotten past me cooking it. Fish seem fine, corals...
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    Looking for Sun Dial snails.

    Nope. Reef cleaners doesn't sell them. Classify them as a pest. Any other ideas?
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    Looking for Sun Dial snails.

    Anyone know where I can find some of these? My tank is over run with Palythoa. Sun Dials appear to be the best way for me to deal with them at this point. I don't keep Zoas so Its not a big deal.
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    Getting rid of Palys?

    Okay, these copper penny palyos are taking over my tank. Any suggestions for killing them off? Seriously!!! They have survived poor water conditions, low temps and even a cooked tank. I'm going to start slowly replacing the rocks covered with them to reduce their numbers. Any other advice...
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    Standard overflow in 90, questions

    I've had my tank for about 3 years now. Its had its ups and downs. Some short learning curves and some LONG ones. This is one of those. I got my tank already drilled and mostly assembled. The Durso overflow and box were already in place when I got it. My big question is..... can this box section...
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    What LED units do you all have?

    Running the cheap eBay ones I picked up two years ago. $168 each and they are great! Never an issue to this point with the lights. I have a thread here somewhere about these.
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    Slow drain, Durso

    The hole was not clogged but I did adjust it slightly down and it seems to be draining better though its a bit noisier. Guess its time for a good cleaning.
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    Update on cooked tank and a question

    The monti is dead. Completely. Initially they were signs it might pull through and was only bleached. Its now falling apart and covered with algae.
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    Update on cooked tank and a question

    My tank continues to recover from the 90*+ temps it went through. I lost a torch, most of my mushrooms, some palys, and my monster plating monti. I did remove some on the Monti but about 1/3 of it remains. Will leaving it in my tank do any harm? It looks horrid, but I'm the only person who looks...
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    Slow drain, Durso

    So lately when I do my WC and i restart my system, the tank nearly overflows before the water starts draining back to the sump. I'm running a standard Durso overflow. I have pulled the pipe and cleaned it, but it hasn't seemed to help. Any suggestions as to why it has started doing this? I am...
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    Algae and temp

    Its been a few days so here is an update. I'm still having a tough time stabilizing the temp. Running between 77.3 and 80.1. It just a matter of figuring out the correct settings on the heaters I think. I've done two 11 gallon water changes and dialed back the brightness of the whites on the...