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  1. chuck78123

    New Guy, New Tank

    +1 wontonflip
  2. chuck78123

    Stay the hell away from them!!! I bought $320 worth of dead/dying LPS corals from them. A Meat Coral, Torch coral & a Wall Hammer. The only one that survived was the Wall Hammer & that was with EXTREME TLC. I put in the request for a refund only to realize that they only give "In Store Credit" &...
  3. chuck78123

    Triple Sulfa Failed!

    Hey everyone, I have an adult scribbled angel that has what looks to be popeye. I bought Triple-Sufla, used as instructed & here we are....six days later with no change WSE. My guess now is to try & find exactly what is causing the infection, but I have no clue on how to procede. Oh! & it's not...