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    How often do I feed clown fish?

    I feed once per day. Sometimes, I even skip a day to avoid throwing off the water chemistry.
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    Alternative to UV Lighting

    Hi, I'm currently researching UV lighting for my setup. From what I see, typical wattages are 9, 18, 36. I'd like feedback on an idea: Instead of a UV filter specifically designed for aquarium use, I was thinking of getting a 100 Watt UV fixture and hanging it over my sump. I wonder how...
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    Controlling Temperature Consistency and Stability

    So my concern should be with the rate of the change, and not the size?
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    Controlling Temperature Consistency and Stability

    Good afternoon, and thank you in advance for answering my post. I think that many of us underestimate the role that temperature plays in any aquarium. We all have an idea "range" we like to be in, depending on what inhabitants we have in our tank. My question has 2 parts: 1. When we speak of...